In Controller Group much attention is paid to engineering (under the engineering we understand a commercial character engineering and consulting services complex which provides the automation systems installation starting-up and adjustment).engineering and programmer APCS

Nowdays because of modern technologies use the starting-up and adjustment process became more profound - it's not enough simply to buy the equipment, you need a specific experience to use it. That’s why you need Engineering. 

Often the equipment is provided at rather low prices, but starting-up and adjustment process demands a lot of expenses. The necessary for starting-up software usually costs separate money and is provided only by the equipment vendor or the certified dealers.

Illiterate engineering can cause the system breakage, but in this case the customer often makes claims to the manufacturer. Actually breakage is often caused by illiterate operation service actions or as a result of initially wrong controllers programming.

 Further, after the creation of the project and approval of all decisions , delivery of equipment required installation and installation supervision . Supervision includes validation of the connection is properly installed . Often, assembly and supervision performed by different organizations , and supervision performed organization engaged in commissioning .

 After project creation, approval of all decisions and equipment supply equipment installation and chief installation should be carried out. Chief installation includes connection and installation correctness check. Often installation and chief installation are carried out by the different organizations. Chief installation is usually carried out by the same organization which carried out the starting-up and adjustment.

 When chief installation is complete, preliminary start-up in a manual mode is carried out - work process, fans rotation direction correctness, all pumps and engines are checked. Then the mechanical running is carried out within 72 hours, after it -  dynamic commissioning: necessary parameters selection and exposure and various regulations.
 Illiterate installation and commissioning can cause equipment breakage. All these factors increase the commissioning organization requirements and at the same time operation service requirements as it becomes more and more difficult to operate the equipment.


It is possible to install the server with a database where all information about all mentioned systems is gathered. The large number of workstations (AWS) can be connected to the server. The workstation allows to display only that information which is necessary for the operator area, ie implemented concurrent access, i.e. access differentiation is provided.

 Nowdays system reaction time is estimated in seconds, so there is a non-routine situations prediction and preventive measures acceptance possibility.
 The operation service specialists notification can be organized, for example, by sending SMS- messages or paging. In any case, information about the non-routine or emergency situation, system emergency response, operation service response to this emergency  will be written in the "Journal of accidents".

The huge role in the climate and automation systems correct work ensuring the correct and timely service plays. On such an objects customer operation service which will carry out the equipment operation should be organized. Service operation specialists training is provided as a rule by the organization which carried out the commissioning.

There is one more opportunity – remote equipment work monitoring. In this case the third-party organization (for example, the organization which carried out the commissioning) can sign the contract on monitoring and watch a situation on object far off. is ready to provide the full technological processes chain turnkey decisions , connecting various partners and offering you a full cycle of production:


  1. Customers problem solution search and choice for the customer, based on customers requirements, adapted for customers production base technologies and conditions
  2. All contractual obligations strict observance based on contracts schedule and financial plan maintaining
  3. Proposed solution timely commissioning
  4. External and internal illumination systems  for buildings and various constructions
  5. Conditioning and ventilation (multizone systems, centralization)
  6. Structured Cable Systems
  7. Technical safety systems and  access management  and control systems
  8. Security and technological video surveillance systems, perimeter protection systems
  9. Fire alarm and notification systems
  10. Buildings engineering networks automated control systems
  11. Buildings automation and scheduling systems, "smart house" systems
  12. Engineering systems general contractor functions carrying out
  13. Design and budget documentation design and development
  14. Engineering equipment complex deliveries
  15. Installation and commissioning works
  16. low-voltage devices design, assembly and installation
  17. Warranty service

factory automation

any PLC & panels

programming and production Automation

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