Development Engineer SCADA  We understand that at a specification stage, it often happens that the customer can't well formulate what exactly he wants and how he sees the final product in reality.
  So we split grandiose and immense at first sight wishes of the client into component parts, then define the primary and important tasks, we systematize works stages on time, discuss the specific goals that we plan to reach and start to implement the planned points.

  During the work process it is possible that the customer makes reasoned additions and amendments, not contradicting the design uniform concept, based on the original technical task.
The management correct decision is the existing problems and wishes delegation to professionals. So, the released energy can be spent on more global strategic tasks that no one can resolve but you.

Our precious time saving and optimization allows to react quicker to changing events in the present competitive world, and so to be always one step ahead.

The automation development feature is that customers prefer the integrated control systems, not separate ones. At the same time, customer increases the proposed solution quality requirements, that promote more attentive and high-quality engineering companies offers choice.

We use building automation in residential buildings, office buildings, industrial and commercial facilities. This automation provides the maximum engineering infrastructure functioning with economic equipment operation carries out the whole range of environment parameters monitoring, gives the possibility of controlled equipment necessary parameters regulation.

Nowdays positive trend is technologies enlargement and protocols number reduction with communications emergence between them.
Also engineering systems and networks automation (power, heat and water supply, ventilation, systems of lighting, central conditioning, etc.) is used in multipurpose residential estates, office and administrative buildings, shopping malls and sports complexes. This branch has the following pressing problems: operational costs decrease, human factor exception, allocated energy resources complex regulation and optimization, functioning reliability and stability

 It is not a secret that engineering networks and systems automation advantages become relevant as when there is a need of expenses optimization because of small budgets and when making one global monitoring and account system for standard projects.

We create systems by your individual order on the basis of high-performance freely programmable universal controllers, allowing resolving any management problems with the smallest data processing time. we modernize your system simple software change or expansion modules addition. All equipment passes fail-safe and functioning accuracy tests before customer delivery and also tests after installation.

The modular system architecture gives the possibility to complete automation system according to your requirements object dimensions and appointment irrespective ant to integrate it into existing conditions with possibility of expansion without time and means essential expenses.

Technological processes automation is reasonable for industrial complexes with built or existing capacities, large enterprises, navigable terminals, processing stations and for the power grids. All SCADA systems are developed for more than 25 years service life.

Experienced and skilled specialists develop unique technical solutions, create complex automation systems, carry out all installation, starting-up and adjustment works, commissioning and commissioning, provide warranty service.

comprehensive automation of production

any PLC & panels

programming and production Automation

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Customer Reviews

Development of a system of scheduling and control fan coil units on the basis of industrial controllers Siemens.

Bar codes control system for pallets end face processing lines with further ol-line 1C base input

Manufacture and supply of modern conveyors with automating the production facilities of transporters.


Palletizer designing and launching on the milk bottles packaging final before sending to the distribution network area.

Automatic conveyor equipment for poultry packing area.