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Coordination, construction and reconstruction of buildings.  04.11.2013 03:40

Coordination, construction and reconstruction of buildings.

Controllergroup is a multifunctional general contractor and is working on the design, coordination , construction and renovation of commercial , industrial and residential buildings. Under the guidance of professional guidance engineering specialties skilled workers , provided the necessary modern materials , tools and equipment can in the shortest time and at a high level perform general construction, building and engineering works .
General Contractor includes the following activities:
• Implementation of the established " work schedule " time to all construction and installation work on the construction of the Project, provided the project documentation ;
• Action for the implementation of construction works in accordance with working drawings and building regulations , technical and design rules that define the scope and content of the work , their requirements, and estimated cost of the work undertaken ;
• Obtaining all permits and approvals for construction work on state structures within the time schedule of work , and assisting customers in obtaining approvals and permits , assigned to him by the current legislation of the Russian Federation ;
• Participate and help during the object of investigation by state supervision and construction control ;
• Construction of own forces and means at the construction site of temporary structures for storage of materials and equipment to perform work under the contract;
• The organization within the construction site temporary connections to utilities and electric networks for the period of the Works ;
• Provide for the entire period of the order of execution of the Works on the construction site and temporary facilities , as well as cleaning and timely garbage outside the territory ;
• Providing the necessary protection of the object for the duration of the construction work;
• Conclusion of all necessary contracts with subcontractors to carry out work within the existing contract terms , the choice of organizations subcontractors , timing and cost of work is consistent with the customer ;
• Ensure that all necessary building objects for work materials, equipment and structures;
• Guarantee compliance with fire safety , occupational health , safety , environmental protection , as well as other rules and regulations stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation , as well as the requirements of the customers in the Works ;
• On completion of the transfer to the Customer execution schemes planned position of the object , lifting routine basis points ( Condominium surveying ), control breakdowns major axes, surveying position mounted bearing structures ;
• Transfer of all customer documentation executive in charge of design and concealed work ;
• Participating in the signing of the act of acceptance by the Working Committee , certificate of occupancy and capital construction act of commissioning .

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