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Implementation of "turnkey" complex engineering systems.   10.08.2013 03:50

Implementation of "turnkey" complex engineering systems.

Controllergroup performs complex projects of building engineering systems , as well as projects of individual systems - low-power , information , electrical, climatic and other :

    System voltage of 35 kV ;
    Internal power supply system ;
    indoor and outdoor electric lighting ;
    guaranteed power supply system ;
    structured cabling system (SCS );
    HVAC system ;
    Heating system and heating ;
    Domestic water supply and sewerage ;
    Low-voltage systems and computer networks ;
    integrated security systems ( burglar alarm , monitoring and access control, video surveillance) ;
    fire safety systems (fire alarm systems, gas and water extinguishing systems );
    Automation of engineering systems and dispatching ;
    of reception and distribution of terrestrial and satellite television.

Most of the produced projects implemented their own. mandatory
practice for engineers in our company is conducting site visits and field supervision . We perform the functions of the Customer with the concurrence of the design documentation in supervisory bodies.

Comprehensive implementation of engineering systems

Under the "realization" of systems we understand the supply of equipment and materials, installation work , commissioning of systems and delivery of their customers and state regulatory authorities .

We work on their own projects and for projects executed by external design organizations . In the latter case , our engineers perform analysis of your project documentation and on this basis , options to improve system performance , often in conjunction with a reduction in cost and / or a decrease in the project schedule.

Since we have our own design resources to reduce overall design time and implementing the variant supply of equipment and installation of the system in parallel with the implementation of project activities . This option , of course, requires the participation of the customer in the operational coordination of technical solutions , but can significantly reduce the time.

Our installation teams - this team of professionals - electricians, slabotochniki , ventilyatsionschiki . All installers equipped professional tool - Wurth, Hilti, Zarges and comfortable clothing for outdoor and indoor use. For mounting optical links used equipment for welding optical fibers Fujikura.

Commissioning systems is performed according to the procedures and requirements of equipment manufacturers realizable systems , and based on the requirements of the existing guidance documents.

For power and lighting systems : a complex of forces electromeasurements own certified electrical laboratory ;

For SCS: measurement of copper and fiber optic lines performed scanners FLUKE with registration of the relevant protocols ;

Security systems , multimedia and television : performance testing of the system, setting according to the requirements of the customer service , demonstration , training of the Customer;

Ventilation systems : performance testing of individual installations , configuration of automation systems , comprehensive testing system , measuring the required parameters , demonstration , training the customer.

After the work is transferred to the Customer a full set of as-built documentation :

    project documentation , adjusted according to the results of installation;
    operating instructions ;
    passports , certificates ;
    necessary technical instruments;
    commissioning works supervisors .

We can take on the functions of the customer for delivery of fire protection systems and power supply systems supervisors . To do this, together with the customer , our specialists will prepare the necessary documents and will represent the interests of the customer on completion .


any PLC & panels

programming and production Automation

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