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Sections APCS  06.10.2012 23:06

Sections APCS

In Programming ACS includes the following divisions :
1. The decision on the need to introduce APCS ;
2 . Formation of the initial requirements for ACS ;
3 . Search artists work : design, construction , installation companies and manufacturers / suppliers directly APCS equipment itself ;
4 . Finalize requirements APCS and writing those jobs at its manufacturing, together with all the performers ;
5 . Designing APCS manufacturer / supplier : working project implementation ;
6. Purchase of equipment : instrumentation (sensors) , controllers , cases , power supplies , etc.;
7. Programming and configuration of the equipment ;
8. Build cabinets ;
9. Writing operational and maintenance documentation ;
10 . Conduct factory acceptance testing ;
11. Supply of equipment for production ;
12. Perform installation of equipment in the workplace;
13. Perform commissioning works ;
14. Conducting post-assembly tests;
15. Introduction APCS in industrial operation;
16. Maintenance of equipment ;
17. Repair and maintenance (periodic and as needed );
18. Decommissioning and disposal .

In each of these sections are professionals who are responsible for a particular area of ​​APCS .

It can be design engineers ACS who are going to manufacture and assemble all necessary information for the design ( form requirements for ACS , the development of functional and structural schemes , TORs , learning object and synthesis of control algorithms , etc.).
It may be software engineers  that under your scheme and modalities pick instrumentation .
It can be software engineers to help you choose ITR technique (Siemens, Mitsubishi, SE, ABB , etc.) and create a block diagram of ACS based on the selected equipment manufacturer . Then these programmers need to program controllers , panels , SCADA , etc.
It may be collectors automation cabinets .
It could be engineers who write operation and maintenance documentation.
This can be GIPy ( Senior Project Engineer , who run all of the above listed on the company, which took to make ACS or its components ) .
This may be the designers design institute , which link together multiple subsystems APCS and are responsible for the safety and integration of equipment in production, ie makes tracing cables are arranged on the premises automation cabinets , walls and lay constructions, specifications and calculate project.
It may be electricians and plant engineers who will be engaged in service APCS and its repair .
It may be firms' managers and technicians who just sell equipment : controllers , HMI, power supplies , cases automation , sensors , valves , invertors. This can be engineers and researchers design offices , research centers, institutes and similar institutions that are engaged in analytical justification and calculation APCS .
This can be employees inspections and committees that analysis projects APCS compliance rules and regulations of the state.
It may be programmers who are not engaged in complex automation , but, for example , is programmed invertors and other automation elements .
In addition , programmers also need different: some programmed controllers , others - SCADA, third - the operator panel , the fourth - programmed in high level languages ​​(C + +, Pascal, Fortran, C #, Java , etc.) , fifth - Web- programmers and work with Web- pages of high-level access APCS) .

any PLC & panels

programming and production Automation

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Customer Reviews

Development of a system of scheduling and control fan coil units on the basis of industrial controllers Siemens.

Bar codes control system for pallets end face processing lines with further ol-line 1C base input

Manufacture and supply of modern conveyors with automating the production facilities of transporters.


Palletizer designing and launching on the milk bottles packaging final before sending to the distribution network area.

Automatic conveyor equipment for poultry packing area.