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Programming and X-Stream Automation   30.11.2012 23:15

Programming and X-Stream Automation

basic solutions

One mechanism - one function

Simple , compact solutions that provide ease of use and maintenance.

 • Simple and reliable PLC

• Up to 4 axes positional displacement

• Simple HMI, servo and inverters

• Remote access to the controller

 integrated solutions

One mechanism - several functions. Support for network communications provides maximum configuration flexibility

systems and provides a single point of access to the management of the entire installation.

 • Bus traffic control up to 30 axes

• One software for all automation tasks

• Active visualization with a set of intelligent

functions for configuring and observation devices at work

• Remote access to all levels of automation

 specialized Solutions

Includes robotics , vision systems and industrial systems SCADA.

 • Traffic control 64 axes of less than 1 ms

• Industrial PC for visualization and storage

• SCARA robots and coordinate tables driven by the linear motor

• Two-dimensional and three-dimensional control and rapid positioning with vision system Xpectia

Automation level X-Stream Automation presents high-tech equipment that meets the stringent requirements of various applications. In particular, the computational capabilities of the equipment are often th special criterion for solving the most complex problems of modern automation . Represented at this level controllers OMRON CS1 have the widest functional nalom of existing controller families .

Application controllers CS1 in terms of increased complexity is justified not only increased its power -tion compared with the CJ1, but also other unique possibilities of the controller. In the energy sector often require-ments of the customer are the possibility of redundancy of the main modules of the controller and hot-swappable I / O modules . Without sinking deep into the redundancy of terminology , it is important to note that the controller CS1D offers all possibilities for central duplication of the processor , communication and duplication duplication controller power thus satisfying the technical specifications of the customer.

As for networking opportunities automation level X-Stream Automation, then, besides the support of such networks of information -level to ac Controller Link, Ethernet / FINS and Ethernet / IP environment with the ability to backup data transmission , it is now possible to bind controllers with remote I / O and other equipment on the network PROFINET-IO based on Ethernet. PROFINET-IO has the support of MRP ( Protocol redundant tion medium) for the implementation of the annular topology connecting nodes. In addition , a network of PROFINET-IO allows I / O station to work with two controllers at the same time to realize their duplication. To use the PROFINET-IO network management systems based controller modules available klers CJ PNT21 ( so-called controllers vvoda/vy- water) , and for the emergence of CS1 series controllers I / O controller PROFINET-IO is expected soon .

For the control system , which controls a large complex object is usually important to use modular remote systems vvoda/vy- water . The use of such devices due to the large number of input / output signals within the system, making it very difficult process of laying cables from the sensors , limit switches and relay equipment . Solution of the problem is similar to the concentration of the collection and disclosure of information in the place where the maximum concentration of signals , and then install the selected point rack smart modular I / O system SmartSlice, see Figure 3 . This system allows you to pass values ​​of analog and digital I / O signals on standard protocols such as DeviceNet, ProfiBus-DP, PROFINET-IO, Mechatrolink2 and CompoNet.

Of all the modular I / O system 's SmartSlice OMRON most compact - its height stands just 80mm. Thanks to a removable terminal block system allows you to make "hot swapping" of modules without any re- cabling .

For functional and performance- PC SCADA systems as well as for use in harsh conditions, the company offers OMRON Industrial PC Dyalox. It is available in two basic versions: panel strength and block type , see Figure 4 . For exceptional reliability of the computer it has no moving mechanical parts. It is important to note that the usual computer devoid of hard disk - all data is stored in flash memory . Used for cooling fanless radiator special industrial applications

 Challenges for traffic control at the level of X-Stream Automation OMRON offers to share tasks by using autonomous Trajexia motion controller with the ability to integrate it into the main control system networks DeviceNet, CANOpen or ProfiBus, as well as built- port Ethernet. With Trajexia can manage at the same time 64 servos and inverters 64 devices or remote I / Os . This controller can also greatly simplify the implementation of complex multi-axis control equipment tion with profiles motion type CAM. Managing all the drives is carried out via Mechatrolink-II, but using a special module analog control , you can control two axes on an analog channel . In the near future output module for controlling the drive via EtherCAT, which will allow to achieve high performance in tasks that require a large number of servo axes and drives. OMRON offers the Russian market a new product - a robot manipulator type SCARA, robot controller can be easily integrated with other equipment by OMRON communication via Ethernet, serial or DeviceNet networks and Profibus. Total capacity of robots from 1 to 50 kg range - from 120 mm to 1.2 m use of such robots is especially true on the lines of automated assembly systems to capture , transport and installation details. Already proven in Europe SCARA robots are used in engineering and microelectronics in assembly operations , confectionary and pharmaceutical industries for the group stages of the packaging.

any PLC & panels

programming and production Automation

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