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Programming Fundamentals remote access  16.01.2013 23:21

Programming Fundamentals remote access

Programming Fundamentals remote access 17.01.2013 22:56
Programming Fundamentals Remote Access

remote access

Remote access ( machine control from a distance ) and communication with the machine can be done on a PC or operator panel .

    via COM port ;
    the Ethernet.

A method of establishing a data transmission :

    phone (modem)
    wireless ( radio )

a8 When remote access becomes possible surveillance , diagnosis, change settings to adjust the program and machine control .

 Remote access :

     VNC server (« Virtual Server ") - a function to monitor and control remote HMI via Ethernet

    Pass-through - this function ( computer control ) allows computer applications to connect to the PLC using human-machine interface. After starting this function operator panel acts as an interface converter . Function [Pass-through] provides the opportunity to work on an Ethernet network or through the COM port .

The use of industrial data communication protocols to meet your needs .

In modern automation systems , resulting in constant modernization of production, construction of distributed industrial networks using data transfer protocols becomes a necessity and allows competently solve problems in automation control systems and production equipment in general.

With modern electronic database becomes meaningless to put a huge closet with electronic equipment and pull miles of cables to the sensors and actuators . Much cheaper to install several local controllers of networked , thereby saving on installation , testing, commissioning and maintenance as compared to a centralized system .

For organizing industrial networks using multiple interfaces and data transfer protocols , such as Modbus, PROFIBUS, CANopen, DeviceNet , etc. They are required to transfer data between sensors , controllers and actuators. Protocols tailored to the peculiarities of the production and technical systems , ensuring a reliable connection and high accuracy of the data between different devices. Solved questions :

    increased functionality ;
    flexibility in the construction ;
    ease of installation ;
    integration services;
    compliance with industry standards.

Hardware configuration and electronic components on request

Modernization of equipment includes the following milestones :

    examination and decision on its feasibility ;
    the requirements specification ;
    coordination with the customer details of the hardware configuration and use of electronic components;
    budgeting ;
    performance ;

In the process of negotiating deals with the configuration of the machine additions, modifications , substitutions, executive separation modules and devices in the hardware configuration.

This approach allows the customer to choose between price and quality in the course of modernization ( upgrade ) their equipment.

If the equipment is equipped with modern electronic devices , such as inverters , servo drives , controllers , etc. , and are in good condition , it is suggested to leave them in order to avoid unnecessary costs .

Had to deal with the equipment (in particular paper cutting machines ), which was modernized and replaced by regular (native) to the induction motor servo inverter ! Times more expensive servo and positioning accuracy are much higher ! Why replace it ?

Monitoring equipment in real-time

Our company offers developed by our programmers control system a7 production processes in real time. This system will help business managers to obtain the most accurate information about the number of products in one way or another machine.

It's no secret that often the production manager considers the production process as a way of personal enrichment (left orders underreporting of production ) with video surveillance is not always effective , as it requires attention and time-consuming.

The system records the time the machine is started , the operator identifies and tracks the amount of output . All this information is transmitted to the computer in the form of supervisory personnel file where the number of the car and all the data listed above. List of required parameters is not limited and defined specifications.

Creating a system of condition monitoring in real-time is considered as an option when upgrading the machine. It allows monitoring of industrial equipment , and display the operating status of the personal computer (PC) in real time. The system supports the following functions :

    duplication operator panel on PC;
    equipment management by PC;
    creating an event log ;

To visualize the data on a PC requires :

    installation of VNC server (" Virtual Server ");
    presence of a router or switch ;

wired or wireless ( radio ) connection .

Distributed control system equipment

In the case of modernization of complex equipment or control from a single operator station with two or more machines is advisable to use a three-tier architecture of its electric component :

    first level - the operator station (OS) or a personal computer (PC ) as the lead («Master») devices ;
    second level - the operator station , a programmable logic controller (PLC) as a slave («Slave») devices;
    third level - actuators (sensors , limit switches , inverters, servos , etc) ;

This approach has obvious advantages :

    scalability - the ability of the system to cope with the increasing workload ( increase their productivity ) when adding resources (typically hardware );
    configurability - isolation levels from each other allows reconfigure the system when a failure or scheduled maintenance on one level ;
    high security ;
    high reliability;
    significant simplification of installation due to the use of data networks in a double line («RS485» iterfeys );
    rapid diagnosis and fault isolation ;
    independent use of individual functional modules ;
    Availability Protocol «Modbus» almost all the devices does not require any additional costs;
    reducing the time of execution;
    low cost .

production Automation

The tasks of modern production management apparatus includes a primary formation , automatic extraction and transfer , logical and mathematical information processing apparatus for presenting the results obtained to man , generation of control actions and actuators : a4

    technical means
    Means of forming and processing information (keyboard device , multiple I / O device information storage media ) . For automatic extraction of information are sensors ( transducers ) . They are very diverse in the operating principles of the device senses a change controlled process parameters . Modern instrumentation can directly evaluate a large number of different physical, chemical, and other variables . Sensors react to various physical and mathematical parameters , such as pressure, force , weight, speed, acceleration , sound, light , etc
    Output signals of these sensors are converted into standard electrical signals that allow them to align with various devices and control systems.
    Transmitting device information
    Signal transducers for transmitting and receiving data (physical interfaces transducers of physical interfaces , communication protocols , etc. )

    Device logical and mathematical information processing
    - Functional converters that change the nature, form , or a combination of information signals , as well as devices for processing information given algorithms for the implementation of laws and management regimes ( regulation) .
    - Programmable device for generating control algorithms , to perform mathematical calculations , reading , converting the information display and data transmission;
    Device for representing the data to man
    - HMI devices (control panels , computers, monitors, displays );
    - Alarms and Alerts ( text, sound , light , network messages );
    - Devices logging , reporting , archiving and printing.
    control device
    - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition);
    - ARM ( workstations );
    - Control Panel ;
    - Programmable logic controllers ;
    - Built- in personal computers ( PC) control modules (PC-based Control);
    - Industrial Controls ;

Industrial automation architecture includes four basic levels:

    Sensors and actuators using standard analog and digital signals , the communication interface and industrial data transmission protocols ;
    Communication device (CPI ) , receiving and transmitting standardized analog and digital signals ;
    Industrial PLCs ( programmable logic controllers ) and IR ( industrial computers );
    Station IBM PC compatible industrial computers, which provide management , scheduling , archiving, and are based on object-oriented programming . Basically, this level is implemented on SCADA programs consisting of instrumental and executive complexes.

Dominant operating system for the automation of production is Windows NT. Standard mechanism of interaction recognized OCR software (Ole for Process Control), which is based on Object Model COM / DCOM company Microsoft ( USA).

Automation Services

Our company is engaged in the development and implementation of automated process control systems ( PCS ) . APCS - a complex of hardware and software designed for automation of process equipment industry , as well as residential and office buildings , shopping and entertainment centers , office buildings, medical facilities. May be linked to the more general subject of automated control system ( ACS ) .

a5Pod APCS is generally understood holistic solution that provides basic operations in the production process as a whole or some portion thereof , with respect to the Issuing completed product .

The concept of " automated ", unlike the notion of "automatic" , emphasizes the need of human participation in individual operations , in order to maintain control over the process , and due to the difficulty or inconvenience of automation of certain operations.

The constituent parts of ACS can be separate automatic control system ( ACS) and automated devices connected in a single complex. Such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), distributed control systems (DCS), and other smaller control systems ( eg systems for programmable logic controllers (PLC)). Typically, ACS has a single system operator control process in the form of one or more control panels, processing and archiving of the process , standard automation components : sensors , control devices , actuators . For all data communication subsystems used industrial networks .

We offer the following services:

    Pre- examination of automation objects.
    Help technological personnel in the development of technical specifications.
    Development of technical solutions for the problems of automation and control .
    Examination of existing technical automation solutions .
    Development and approval of projects on automation and control systems .
    Complex supply of equipment for automation systems.
    Execution of works on installation and commissioning of automated control systems and scheduling .
    Programming controllers (PLCs ) in accordance with the control algorithms , alarms , emergency protection .
    Development of the system status display equipment of the technological process , documentation , remote control , (SCADA- system ) in accordance with the technical specifications and customer requirements .
    Maintenance commissioned APCS etc.
    Modernization and capacity of existing automated systems management and scheduling .

any PLC & panels

programming and production Automation

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