Our Servises

  1. Our team will carry out the predesign inspection of your factory, will make technical specifications for further programming and automation system in a short time. We will carry the designed equipment turnkey starting-up and adjustment.
  2. We will teach your staff how to programm controllers of known brands : SIEMENS, OMRON, SHNEIDER, MITSUBISHI, ALLEN-BRADLEY, LG, CAREL, DANFOSS, CISCO , etc.
  3 . We will produce and assemble control panels, main switchboard and distribution ACS switchboards  using our assembly production.
  4. Our ACS engineers will design scheduling system, will organize complex equipment supply, will analyze which industrial network is favorable to use for your projec, will program the touch screen panels and develop the individual SCADA system for you.
  5. Experienced specialists will carry out your enterprise service. There is also the possibility of post-warranty service.
  6. We will carry out the turnkey designing , complex engineering systems creating, coordination, manufacturing and renovation of commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

software engineering

  7. At your request controllergroup.ru will carry out installation, starting-up and adjustment of:
•  ventilation systems ;
•  systems for domestic and industrial air-conditioning;
•  low current cable networks;
•  power supply systems;
•  autonomous boiler rooms;
•  heat points;
•  the heatpower equipment;
•  warm floors;
•  heating devices;
•  refrigeration units;
•  pressure increasing pump stations;
•  sanitary appliances;
•  heating and water supply systems.

  8. Also we offer a new service - chief installation. We supervise and control the third-party organization erection teams work, we teach your specialists installation ways and methods, we rent the necessary equipment and tools, we perform particularly important works, we conduct the starting-up and adjustment technical supervision for all systems and equipment.

All technical specialists and and installers are highly qualified and pass an annual certification and knowledge verification according to requirements of leading documents, as well as training in new methods of installation and technologies.

The other important is the starting-up and adjustment work, on which depends the fail-safety and all systems and equipment work quality after commissioning. Indeed, many defense mechanisms and programs are designed for action only in extreme conditions such as fire, accidental signal cable networks damages, flooding, accidents in city warm and water supply networks, so these defense mechanisms can not be checked by staff, unlike standard states like "on-off".

The distinctive feature of our company is full responsibility, which ensures the careful starting-up and adjustment, with  multiple repeated tool check of all systems and modes by means of the automatic recording equipment which protocols are impossible to forge .

control of engineering systems of buildings

any PLC & panels

programming and production Automation

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Customer Reviews

Development of a system of scheduling and control fan coil units on the basis of industrial controllers Siemens.

Bar codes control system for pallets end face processing lines with further ol-line 1C base input

Manufacture and supply of modern conveyors with automating the production facilities of transporters.


Palletizer designing and launching on the milk bottles packaging final before sending to the distribution network area.

Automatic conveyor equipment for poultry packing area.