Russian programmer thinking aloud on the current realities of  society. Russian programmer thinking aloud on the current realities of society.   03.07.2014 23:28

ControllerGroup programmers after visiting  a lot of industrial facilities in Russia, CIS and foreign countries have noticed one interesting thing in large objects  service personnel  behavior. Everybody is trying to get away as far as possible from making major decisions, everybody  is  waiting for instructions from above, palying for time and show a panic fear  putting their signatures in the documents. What is the reason? Why people today are so timid and nervous?  Even highly specialized  professionals  are now rare, universals (professionals who can make all jobs, from using angle grinder up to programming SCADA systems controllers) are almost a legend! How do you think, if an engineer can be a professional, than he don’t understand processes from the inside? The answer is obvious...

Coordination, construction and reconstruction of buildings. Coordination, construction and reconstruction of buildings.   04.11.2013 03:40

Controllergroup is a multifunctional general contractor and is working on the design, coordination , construction and renovation of commercial , industrial and residential buildings.

Implementation of "turnkey" complex engineering systems. Implementation of "turnkey" complex engineering systems.   10.08.2013 03:50

Controllergroup performs complex projects of building engineering systems , as well as projects of individual systems - low-power , information , electrical, climatic ets.

Programming Fundamentals remote access Programming Fundamentals remote access   16.01.2013 23:21

With modern electronic database becomes meaningless to put a huge closet with electronic equipment and pull miles of cables to the sensors and actuators . Much cheaper to install several local controllers of networked , thereby saving on installation , testing, commissioning and maintenance as compared to a centralized system .

Programming and X-Stream Automation Programming and X-Stream Automation   30.11.2012 23:15

One mechanism - several functions. Support for network communications provides maximum configuration flexibility systems and provides a single point of access to the management of the entire installation.

Sections APCS Sections APCS   06.10.2012 23:06

In Programming ACS includes the following divisions :
 The decision on the need to introduce APCS,
 Formation of the initial requirements for ACS.

Programming of industrial networks Programming of industrial networks   04.12.2010 03:25

CompoBus / S, CompoNet, DeviceNet, Profibus / DP, ProfiNet, CANopen.

any PLC & panels

programming and production Automation

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Development of a system of scheduling and control fan coil units on the basis of industrial controllers Siemens.

Bar codes control system for pallets end face processing lines with further ol-line 1C base input

Manufacture and supply of modern conveyors with automating the production facilities of transporters.


Palletizer designing and launching on the milk bottles packaging final before sending to the distribution network area.

Automatic conveyor equipment for poultry packing area.